C2 Division Current Promotions

Free Freight on all orders

Get 10% off a perfume display (no minimum order required). Get a free case of 2 oz Hand Sanitizer for orders over $500.

4pack of Adult Cloth Face Masks for every $200 ordered

Free Shipping at $300 (carries over to back ordered and/or new items).

Net 90 Terms through October 12.

Any Net 90 order over $500.00 is subject to approval. Current payment terms will NOT change.

If a customer is a credit card customer they will remain a credit card customer. A customer with payment terms of credit card must submit a valid credit card with exp date, cvn and billing address. We will hold the card for 90 days and then charge the card. If a customer is terms customer they will remain a terms customer.

Order $500.00+ and freight cap is 99 cents. Promo Code 24607

free shipping on orders over $1,500

Orders $300-$599: Free Shipping, $600-$999: 5% off and Free Shipping, $1,000-$1,999: 10% off and Free Shipping, $2,000+: 15% off and Free Shipping. Holiday Promotions (Must be written on seperate order): Orders $300+ recieve free freight and 12/10 dating. Orders $600-999 recieve 5% off, free freight and 12/10 dating. Orders $1000-1999 recieve 10% off, free freight and 12/10 dating. Orders $2000+ recieve 15% off, free freight and 12/10 dating.
September 1-15

For NEW Customers:
5% off 250 or more.
10% off 500 or more.


– FREE Deluxe Display Kit ($25 value)

– $1200+ Order also includes: FREE wooden shelving fixture ($50 value)

– $1800+ Order also includes choice of: FREE shipping (Continental U.S. only) OR FREE wooden shelving fixture ($50 value)



FREE FREIGHT on all BURANO orders of $150.00 or more .
Credit card orders $250.00-$499.00 receive free freight PLUS a 5% discount.
Credit card orders over $500.00 get free freight PLUS a 10% discount.

All orders $500+ get 5% off. All candle orders get free testers (reduce to $0 in brandwise). Order 3 diffusers, get one tester free(reduce to $0 in brandwise). Orders $1800+ get a free display. (Display cost $500 is offset by $600 retail in product)

5% off stickers

12 free happy stickers for orders over $250 and 24 free happy stickers with orders over $450

$500+ orders receive Free Shipping with code: TBFALLFF
$1,000+ orders receive 10% discount and Free Shipping with code: TBFALL10
Receive 10% OFF ANY Shipper Display (pages 434-436) with code: FALLSHIP10
Future Ship Date Allowed. One code per order.

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