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Accessory Jane specializes in modern, lightweight jewelry.

Accessory Jane

We Love Earrings

We love great color, unique design, super fun, modern Earrings.

And, what we really love is LIGHTWEIGHT EARRINGS!

Accessory Jane jewelry is designed in Dallas, Texas and hand made by skilled traditional artisans. Each piece is carved, shaped and lacquered by hand, creating truly unique and beautifully finished jewelry.

Much of Accessory Jane’s design aesthetic and style inspiration is born from the time that Owner/Designer Victoria lived in Hong Kong and traveled extensively while doing business in places like Bangkok, Tokyo, South Africa, India, Egypt, London, Vietnam, Paris, Rio de Janeiro, Malaysia, and Bali. Each stop was an opportunity to visit beautiful shops and back alley, hole-in-the-wall street vendors. Accessory Jane is always looking for unique, bold, bright colors, and interesting color combinations. Victoria loves to integrate eclectic and unique colors into classic design to produce beautiful hand crafted jewelry that will hopefully become your new favorite pieces!

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Min Opening: $300
Minimum Reorder: $200


Orders $750+ – free freight



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