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All natural mix to turn any wine or spirits into a frozen cocktail - no blender needed.


Dianna Dunlevy is the owner and Founder of d’Marie, a small family owned business located in Chagrin Falls, Ohio. After many years in the food industry, catering and listening to what people had a taste for, in 2006 she developed Frappe Vino, an all natural mix that turns wine, champagne and spirits easily into a slush…. sounds delicious right? That’s what everyone else thought too.

The beauty of the mix is that it does not have any flavor or color, therefore, you can mix it with any alcohol to make any slushed cocktail you want. Simply add the alcohol to the mix, put it in your freezer and you’ll have a slushed version of your cocktail- color, flavor, and all! And did we mention when making it at home, no blender or ice is needed?! Just alcohol, juice or water and our mix which all goes together into the freezer! Easy. Delicious. And a fan favorite!

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