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Hand Crafted Artisan Candles

Jackson Vaughn

Jackson Vaughn is a design, lifestyle and retail team known for their signature style of warm, inviting interiors and spaces.  Our founders and creative directors, Pamela J. Jackson and Jeremiah V. Headrick, began their journey in 2000 with the dream to bring a vision of simple elegance into the homes and daily lives of their clients.  Their love of candles and ability to create moody, evocative atmospheres were combined one holiday season when the duo gifted an inspired custom candle to special clients and friends.  The “No. 1″candle quickly became an inspired favorite and was the start of the beloved proprietary collection.  Our candle offerings have evolved and grown over the years.  Jackson Vaughn now designs and pours four in-house candle collections, with over 40 distinctive scents. Our family of shoppes have become a destination for locals and visitors alike to take home a special piece of our curated and scented world.  Our wish, in our design and in our shoppes, is to make even the most simple of gestures beautiful.

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Min Opening: $500 per collection
Minimum Reorder: $200


Order over $1200 will receive free Freight

Order the Holiday Votive Trio and receive free testers.

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