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Timeless French beauty and prestige quality meet fresh apothecary design

La Chatelaine

Welcome to the alluring world of La Chatelaine, where timeless French beauty and prestige quality meet fresh apothecary design. Brought to you from the South of France, La Chatelaine’s luxurious line of products are defined by a sense of modern elegance with a dash of whimsy.

Using time-honored craftsmanship, ethically-sourced natural and organic ingredients, and an array of evocative scents, La Chatelaine’s emollient-rich, deeply nourishing soaps and hand creams protect and celebrate our bodies and our planet.

Whether gifting oneself or someone special, our packaging makes each and every item “un petit cadeau”. La Chatelaine seeks to reveal and unleash every woman’s innate beauty and unapologetic confidence, evoking a certain “je ne sais quoi” that continues to captivate admirers everywhere.

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Min Opening: $350
Minimum Reorder: $100


Free Stocking Stuffers –
$650+ orders earn a free case of Soap – 100/200/250g, customer selects fragrance and style, up to $72 retail value!
$850+ orders earn a free case of 30 mL Hand Cream, customer selects fragrance, $110 retail value!



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