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Transform any space into a personal sanctuary with these luxurious ceramic candles.

L’or de Seraphine

We believe in the power a candle’s light and fragrance have to calm us, reconnect our hearts and souls and heal our spirits. Our rich tranquil fragrances are a love letter to the natural world and an homage to the joyful and sweet sentiments they evoke. L’or de Seraphine fills your world with a poetic ambiance that transforms any space into a personal sanctuary.

Presented in ceramic containers designed with the patterns and color palettes of internationally awarded design houses, L’or de Seraphine makes home fragrances for everyone who seeks to express their personal style through the ambiance and design of their home. Our unique fragrance blends complement the decorative vessels that they are in in order to transform your mood and create an ambiance.

Product Gallery

Min Opening: $350
Minimum Reorder: $100


$750+ = Free Freight

Holiday Felicite Collection – $500 Felicite order = Free Freight, 10% discount on all Felicite orders (excludes giftsets)

GWP – Spend $2000+ and receive 24 mini candles in either Ares or Mansour Marrakech

50 free match books on orders of $500+



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