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Discover the Milkbarn Kids collection of heirloom-quality, organic baby clothes and gifts.


We like to think of Milkbarn as a one-word poem. Our essence, our playfulness, our imagination, our creativity, and our love all rolled into a name. We’re nostalgic, yet modern; country, yet urban; rustic and yet clean, cool and timeless.

In our world, lions, Goldendoodles, and bunnies roam freely. In our world, orange giraffes graze the redwood forests while Blue Jays and Whippoorwills serenade the Pacific Ocean. In our world, artichokes giggle as ladybugs and bucking broncos settle gently on our fingertips. In our world, the world of Milkbarn, we believe in our children’s imagination. Our children’s wonder, innocence, and imagination inspire all we create.

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