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Beautiful, affordable luxury jewelry rooted with a strong foundation of community.

Natalie Wood Designs

This might surprise you, but I grew up in a small town in Texas with a goal of becoming a doctor. After spending 20+ years in school working to make this dream a reality and applying to medical school, I realized God was leading me down a different path.

My heart changed when I started realizing that I could remember what an actress would wear to the Oscars, but I couldn’t remember a disease – which is pretty important if you want to be a doctor, right?!

So I did the hardest thing imaginable, in my mind. I listened to that still small voice instead of my own and dove head first into the fashion industry and opened a women’s specialty boutique. During my years owning the store I realized that there weren’t enough companies that were being bold in their faith so along with my husband, Ken, I wanted to do something about it.

For us at Natalie Wood Designs, wearing jewelry is one thing but wearing jewelry with purpose is a whole different story. We are on a mission to design jewelry women feel beautiful wearing while creating a community that inspires, supports, and encourages women to live beautifully.


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Min Opening: $500
Minimum Reorder: $100


$750 – Free Starter Collection Display
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