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Live Joy Give Joy

R. Nichols

It all began with founder, Nick Hanzlik.  His passion for cutting and pasting paper collages turned into a small line of note cards – which became the stationery and design company known as R. Nichols.


Today, each item we sell still begins as an original piece of collage art and is hand-assembled in our Orlando, Florida studio.  We take utmost care to always provide a quality product that brings a smile to ever customer’s face.


Our mission at R. Nichols is to create joy through whimsical, happy design.  Our motto Live Joy Give Joy supports our belief that consciously choosing gratitude and joy results in a happier, better world.

Product Gallery

Min Opening: $250
Minimum Reorder: $100


Free shipping on any ASAP order placed at the show.

March 23-26



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