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Rock Scissor Paper

Hello and welcome to the sunny stationery world of Rock Scissor Paper! We’re Heidi and Susie Bauer, sisters, best friends, designers and co-owners. We firmly believe that ice cream is the best medicine, John Philip Sousa marches sound best when whistled and that good things grow from happy hearts. Our parents can be credited with that last one. They filled our childhoods with adventure, creativity and laughter – an approach to life and work we continue to embrace. The bright color palette, bold typography and exuberant floral motifs of the 1960s and 70s forever remind us of our happy California upbringing and understandably saturate our design aesthetic.

Rock Scissor Paper launched in 1993 with a goal of crafting greeting cards that appealed to the sensibilities of an overlooked younger and design savvy audience (namely ourselves!) From the start we created what we loved and people took notice. We’re grateful that now, 25+ years later, our work has made it possible for our customers to send a whole lot of warm wedding wishes, announce countless new arrivals, extend a bazillion birthday greetings, invite a gazillion guests to dinner and then say thank you to each and every one in a distinctive and unfailingly cheerful voice.

Along the way we’ve expanded our stationery lines to include a wide selection of paper goods and gifts all with our modern reinterpretations of old school cool that continue to set both trends and industry standards. And we’re proud to share that while you can find Rock Scissor Paper goods around the globe, we continue to operate as an independent, family-owned business based in LA’s San Fernando Valley – our childhood stomping grounds. Employing local printers, utilizing soy-based inks and selecting recycled papers are just a few of the ways we’re working to honor our roots, our customers and our environment. We pack thousands of items in house each year and ship them all from our studio,and still we see each new card, calendar, journal and jotter as an opportunity to inject a healthy dose of happy into the lives of our clientele.

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