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Fashionable Eyewear. Chic and modern styles offered in unique color combinations and designs.

Ryan Simkhai

We believe in the transformative power of fashion. What we wear has a direct effect on the way we feel, and the way we feel directly affects how we do just about everything. Chic and modern styles offered in unique color combinations, designs and textures – gone are the days when everything in your outfit works, except your glasses.

Ryan Simkhai Eyeshop has leveled up this collection from anything previously designed. In addition to offering impeccably designed readers at exceptional prices, we also offer blue light blocking technology options that have been paired with our latest statement-making styles, giving your eyes a break from all the screen time received daily.

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Min Opening: $500
Minimum Reorder: $200


Orders $500+ – free 12-piece display

Orders $700+ – free 24-piece display

Orders $2,500+ – free floor stand display



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