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Handcrafted Cocktail Infusions. Woman-owned and mission based company based in Texas.

The Southern Spirit


It is a feeling of invitation, grace, hospitality, servant hearts and forgiveness.

It is loving thy neighbor as yourself.

It is family dinners, pie and prayers.

It is  fundamental principles of God first, family next and hospitality always.

With this definition in mind, we handcraft Cocktail Infusions in Bellville, Texas. We’re a team of mothers, daughters and friends  who roll up their sleeve, slice, dice and dehydrate fresh  produce and create flavor-infused organic sugar to help you carry The Southern Spirit into your home, or to share with others.

We believe that gatherings with family and friends should be full of intent. We pour time, energy, and joy into our Cocktail Infusions to create opportunity for fellowship and connections with loved ones.

We are also focused on hospitality and giving back to our local community and the world we inhabit.

With every purchase made, 5% proceeds are gifted to a featured charity. Always.

Simply fill your jar with your favorite spirit, and infuse for three days. After three days, add your mixer and voila, you have up to 10 cocktails! You can infuse twice making up to 10 more cocktails! Each infusion jar includes a QR code on the label making it simple to access step-by-step instructions and create a variety of cocktail recipes for each flavor.

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