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Designed with a love of all things vintage, precious, feminine and beautiful, our jewelry and gifts

Violet & Brooks

Violet + Brooks was designed with a love of all things vintage, precious, feminine and beautiful. I was raised in big Connecticut family by parents who instilled in us some pretty unusual values (I am aware of this only as an adult– as a child it wasn’t quite so clear). Their demands were simple enough: Be creative. Be a problem solver. Work hard. Love all things antique and vintage. Make gifts from scratch. Be kind. Grow your own vegetables and herbs. Read lots of books. Collect things you love. Be a good hostess. Read Emily Post.

These values have stayed with me as I pursued a career as president of Maximal Art, a national brand known for its sophisticated modern vintage jewelry designs. While working with John Wind and Maximal Art, I managed operations, merchandised collections, art directed, sourced manufacturing and managed all private label product development. I developed a love of vintage, precious and pretty things… and fashion that is easy, fun, wearable and feminine. Most importantly, I came to believe that how a gift (or a customer order) is packaged is as important as the gift itself.

I’m also a single mother of two amazing children, Madisen Violet and Spencer Brooks. As they have grown, I have tried to instill similar values in them. They serve as my inspiration for taking this next step in my career– and for the name of this brand. I’m so happy that they are a part of this journey– working right along side me to make the dream of perfectly precious presents come to life.

V+B designs are pretty, flirty, fun, beautifully packaged and well priced, but my vision for the company is much more than product. It’s about crafting a modern company of designers and professionals that share a vision for a collaborative, open and giving environment. By working together we can prioritize flexibility, time with family and the pursuit of interests outside of the office, while still delighting our customers everyday.

My vision is also that through our pretty things we can help to make the world a better place. With all that is happening in the world right now, I feel this is an obligation rather than a choice. With your help we plan to participate and give as often as we can and as much as we can.

I’m so thankful for the chance to start this next chapter and hope you enjoy being a part of our journey.


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Min Opening: $300
Minimum Reorder: $100


Orders $500+ – receive free Abby Tote (while supplies last) (March 1 – 31)

MOQ for all items lowered to 2s March-May



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