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Our human Chris has always had a passion for dogs. And ever since his family adopted his first dog, Lummox, when he was five years old, he’s also been passionate about giving back to animal shelters.

At first, it was just donating to the local shelter when he, his wife and three kids could. But after 112 years working in the premium pet food industry – that’s 16 in human years – Chris saw an opportunity to do something that could make a mastiff, er, massive impact for shelters nationwide.

You see, Chris knew that training dogs for adoption requires a steady stream of healthy treats. He also knew that there are millions of warm-hearted dog owners out there that would be thrilled to buy a premium, natural product that gives back to animal shelters they love. From there, GivePet was born.

A portion of the profits from every bag goes back to one of our shelter partners in the form of the very same treats we sell to dog owners across the country.


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