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Fashionable hydration and insulation for all the ways you do life.

Swig Life

If you’re in the market for an insulated bottle or tumbler, you’ll find a lot to choose from. There are cups and bottles targeted to sport-enthusiasts, outdoorsy types, and extreme adventurists, but as Tracee Mathes saw it, there weren’t any for the average woman – the busy mom, girl on the go, or boss lady – who wanted an uber-insulated and ultra-cute drinkware option. That gave the life-long entrepreneur an idea.

Mathes set out to meet that need in 2017 when she launched Swig Life™, offering premium drinkware with women in mind. The company’s cups, tumblers and bottles rely on premium triple insulation technology, including vacuum-sealed, stainless steel double-walls with copper-coated linings, but what really sets them apart is their creative and eye-catching patterns, colors and designs. Mathes feels that a cup or bottle is a fashion accessory and personal style statement, much like jewelry, handbags and shoes, and this fashion-forward approach makes Swig Life™ a far cry from ordinary hydration vessels. Swig Life’s unique patterns and finishes are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, and Mathes says all of Swig Life’s products are geared towards busy, stylish girls, women and moms, no matter the time of day.

“It’s fun to offer a product that is pretty to look at and that works great. They also make a perfect gift, and it just makes your heart happy when using one,” said Mathes.

While men enjoy Swig Life’s products too, the line remains at its core a female-oriented brand. Mathes says she plans to continue building a brand focused on the everyday woman who wants a stylish, well-made product for her on-the-go lifestyle. The company’s branding is on-target for the female demographic they serve.

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